Prosperity with You in Mind

Your business is valuable, as both a commodity and a reflection of the time and effort that built it: your time, your effort. We like to compare it to the natural law of seed, time and harvest:

seeds of vision and endeavour

You have sown seeds of vision and endeavour;

Invested your time and industry

You have invested your time and industry;

enjoy harvesting the benefits

It stands to reason that you should enjoy harvesting the benefits.

And when it comes to the harvest, we are on hand to get you the best deal possible.

About Us

Tsalach Corporate Finance was formed by Paul Nelsen with the aim of becoming the leading broker of privately held businesses in the UK and North America. The word Tsalach – pronounced zalak – means prosperity, success and to go forward in power. This seemed to us an ideal name that sums up our ethos and intent.

Paul Nelsen began his career in Wall Street with legendary investment bank Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette; “the house that research built” and then with the Chicago Private Equity pioneer GTCR  – Golder Thoma Cressey Rauner.  Since 1995 Mr. Nelsen has become a leader in selling owner driven businesses in both the UK and USA with buyers and investors including banks, private equity groups, Forbes 400 families and major corporate groups.

Joe Khedoory began his career as a stockbroker in the City of London. He then headed corporate development and M&A for a major listed mining and natural resource group.  Mr. Khedoory has been an independent advisor to privately held UK and European businesses for the past 20 years.

Our Philosophy

Owner-drivers often underestimate their business’ true worth because of their close daily involvement. While this involvement has been essential in creating the asset you have today, it can obscure your perspective of how the wider market could perceive your company. Many of our clients are unaware of the gem their business actually is. We guarantee that, working with you, we will draw-out the multiple attractive facets of your business. It is through polishing and presenting these facets in their best light that we are able to appeal to our cash rich institutional and corporate buyers and achieve the best results for you.

We have perfected the art of appealing to these buyers through a multi-discipline, 4-step process:


With over a decade in the industry Tsalach boasts an extensive database of over 6,000 corporate and institutional clients. This gives us a head start when it comes to selling your company. However, we do not rely on this alone; each project is met with fresh insight and strategy, strategy designed to maximise the potential sale price of your business. We examine your company and your market, as well as identifying potential synergies and cross selling opportunities. In this way we broaden your company’s appeal and get the best deal for you.


We craft our unique and commercially unsurpassed Information Memorandum, which is heavily reinforced by our proprietary research and data. An extensive document and powerful selling tool, it allows us to extol the virtues of your business as well as anticipating and credibly refuting any areas which may cause investors’ concern.

Competitive Process

We run a highly competitive process that generates a range of options for you. Whichever route you choose you can be assured that, as a result of the competition we generate, we will achieve the best possible terms, conditions and pricing for you.

Bid Improvement and Information Management

The road from formal offer to completion is rarely straightforward but we position ourselves so as to be alongside you at every turn, working closely with you to process information requests from bidders, improve offers and generally manage the process towards successful completion.

“Tsalach delivered exactly as they said they would. Through Tsalach we had interest and discussions with every major player.  Tsalach moved heaven and earth to ensure we got a very favourable deal done with the market leader in our industry”

Gordon Swinnerton
Swinnerton Environmental

“We retained Tsalach after another M&A group tried and failed to generate any interest.  Tsalach truly understood our business  and delivered interest and offers from a range of multi-national inspection, testing and certification groups and private equity managers from which we were able to select a partner offering both a great deal to us and  superb growth opportunity for the business and employees”

First Order Red
James and Eddie Deverill

“We were impressed at the number and quality of interested parties Tsalach generated.  Tsalach handled our process with supreme expertise and were a true partner in getting our deal done and in supporting us during some very tough negotiations”

ISS Labour
Gary Beeston and Ian Burton
Recent Transactions
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Tsalach advised the Shareholders of Flight Check Commercial Aviation Services, LLC
acquired by
Tsalach advised the Shareholders of
TEVA Corp.
acquired by
a Graham Partners Portfolio Company
Tsalach advised the Shareholders of AOG Aviation Spares, Inc. and Seginus, Inc.
acquired by
Tsalach advised the Shareholders of TTI Environmental, Inc.
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Tsalach advised the Shareholders of Gratiot Agricultural Professional Services, LLC
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Tsalach advised the Shareholders of ANA Laboratories, Inc.
acquired by
Tsalach advised the Shareholders of Stone House Systems, Inc.
acquired by
a Lloyds Development Capital Portfolio Company
Tsalach advised the Shareholders of ISS Labour
acquired by
a Better Capital Portfolio Company
Tsalach advised the Shareholders of First Order Red
acquired by
Tsalach advised the Shareholders of Micron Analytical
acquired by
a Southwest Water PLC Company
Tsalach advised the Shareholders of Swinnerton Environmental
I want to sell my company; what advice can you give me?

The best advice we can give to potential sellers is: “follow the money”.

Many clients come to us with a narrow view of their business. They have never considered an exit strategy and tend to underestimate how broad an appeal their business may have to corporate buyers and institutional investors. We have decades of experience in marketing and selling companies to these types of buyers. In short, we are experts at following the money on your behalf.

Do I need to 'groom my business' for sale?

Many advisors run what they call a ‘groom your business for sale’ program. Such programs can often be a thinly veiled attempt to ingratiate themselves with business owners. They usually advocate multiple yet superficial changes in order to get a foot in the door.

Tsalach takes your business as is. We view your company’s value as being inherent, a result of corporate Darwinism, locked up in the sustainability of your profits and the result of many years of hard work, investment and good decisions. This value is not quickly eroded nor is it enhanced by superficial adjustments or grooming. We identify and accentuate the merits and strengths of your business. Areas that may require improvement are painted vividly as opportunities for potential purchasers, encouraging enhanced valuations and compelling top-flight buyers to pay a full price. We encourage buyers to think laterally about what they can do with your business, were it part of their group and this obviates the need for superficial grooming.

Should I consider transatlantic buyers?

The question North American business owners should ask is: ‘why limit myself to half the purchaser universe by not including European cash rich buyers?’ The same is true of UK and EU sellers when consider the North American market. Although the US boasts the largest single world economy with a Gross Domestic Product of roughly $16.2 trillion, the consolidated GDP of the USA combined with EU member states is more than double at over $33.0 trillion annually. Thanks to recent telecommunications and technological advances it is now less expensive and more convenient than ever to conduct business overseas. Furthermore, foreign multinationals facing over saturation and stagnation in their home markets are increasingly seeking growth opportunities further afield. We have over 20 years’ experience selling businesses in North America, the UK and Europe. With offices in Chicago and London, we are able to offer a truly global service and ensure that no stone is left unturned in identifying your optimal buyer.

How much could I get for my business?

Obviously this varies hugely from business to business. We always love meeting owner – drivers like you and discussing your business. We have buyers for virtually any type of business and are happy to share our expertise on those groups of corporate and institutional buyers likely to be interested in your company, as well as how they will value your company and what type of deal you can expect. At a minimum we guarantee you will come away with food for thought; depending on your appetite this could be your first step in the process of harvesting the inherent wealth of your company.

“A private equity group pursued us through an unsolicited approach resulting in a protracted yet ultimately unproductive purchase negotiation. Rather than going it alone any further, we enlisted Tsalach’s expert advice. From the first meeting and throughout the process Tsalach was unflinchingly convinced of the inherent value of our business and identified a host of attractive alternate options for us. Tsalach obtained a very attractive proposal from an industry leader who will provide both a great future for the business and allow me to transition, very successfully, into retirement.”

Kevin Killion
President Stone House Systems